Be an active part of our mission and help us make Einstein even better!

By volunteering, you are making a HUGE impact not just to your child’s academic and social success, but also to all the children at Einstein. Programs such as Art Docent, Family Nights, Fruit Cutting and Fun Run would not exist without your time and talents. Thank you!


Volunteer Opportunities

We offer a range of opportunities for making a difference. If help is not needed this year, we would love for you to consider the position for future years.

In order for us to better organize and monitor all of our volunteer data, we also use a database provided by Airtable.

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lightbulb Did you know?

Many employers match hours spent volunteering. For example, at Microsoft, volunteer time and talent are matched at $25/hr.

The more time you volunteer and report, the more money Einstein receives! 


  Volunteer Spotlight

Pamela Kelley, Staff Appreciation Co-Chair

This is Pamela’s 2nd year as Co-Chair for Staff Appreciation. Her work involves putting together care baskets for the staff at Einstein, and coordinating and running two luncheons and two small breakfasts for them over the school year. Staff Appreciation takes up around 30 hours every year. Pamela is also in charge of the Valentine’s Post Office and that will take up around 12 hours. She is also an Art Docent, volunteer at the library, Room Parent and Book Fair volunteer. She can also be seen helping out whenever she is available at events such as the Science Expo, Fun Run, Boo Grams etc. In previous years, Pamela was the Pantry Pack Coordinator and that involved 6 hours every month. She would travel to Hopelink, pick up around 240 bags of food, deliver them to the school, and then distribute the food to the classrooms weekly.

Pamela is originally from SoCal and has been in Redmond for 2 ½ years. She has a Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Sciences and used to be a Child Support Officer. Currently, Pamela is a single stay-at-home mom.

Children: Son in 5th Grade

Hobbies: Reading, photography, nature walks, watching movies

Hannah Williams, Classroom Helper

Hannah is a senior at Redmond High School and this is her 4th year volunteering at Einstein. She helps out with the Kindergarteners with various small jobs such as making copies, putting up and taking down artwork, helping the kids with their work and sitting next to kids who need extra help focusing. She’ll do anything and everything that is needed of her. Over the years, she has dedicated 300 hours to Einstein and has loved every minute of it.

Hannah needed an after school activity so she decided to help out at Einstein because that was where she went to elementary school. She fell in love with Kindergarteners and their contagious happiness inspired her to get a job working with other kids the same age. Her favorite thing about volunteering is when the kids see her and their faces light up with excitement. She has received drawings, baseball cards and letters from many Kindergarteners and she loves and keeps every one of them. Hannah absolutely loves to volunteer. She also lends a hand at Purrfect Pals, helping cats that are waiting for adoption. When she is not volunteering or doing homework, she works at Kumon.

Hobbies: Walking dogs, babysitting


 What it Takes

Fun Run

2 Co-Chairs

10-12 Parent Organizers

45+ Parent Volunteers

1000+ Hours

Staff Appreciation

2 Organizers

85 Organizer Hours

16 Parent Volunteer Hours

70 Food Dishes Donated

Fruit Cutting

1 Organizer

12 Organizer Hours

10-20 Parent Volunteers

380 Parent Volunteer Hours


1 Editor

120-150 Editor Hours

23 Content Contributors

70+ Content Contributor Hours

Vision/Hearing Screening

1 Organizer

10 Organizer Hours

22 Parent Volunteers

79 Parent Volunteer Hours

Pantry Packs

1 Organizer

60+ Volunteer Hours

2200+ Pantry Packs Distributed


Volunteer Expectations

  • To ensure the safety of our students and staff, all individuals must go through the district’s volunteer application process online and be approved before beginning a volunteer assignment. It's FREE and takes just a few minutes. You may also pick up an application in the office. Approval is valid for two years. After that, you must reapply.
  • Review the Volunteer Orientation Information and LWSD Volunteer Handbook.
  • When you come to the school to volunteer:
    • 1. Sign in at the main office.
    • 2. Wear a name tag and volunteer badge while you are in the school building.
    • 3. Sign out before you leave the building.
  • Keep all student information confidential.
  • Contact your teacher or Chair if you cannot make your scheduled volunteer time.
  • In accordance with LWSD policy, if you are volunteering in the classroom, office, library or hallway during school hours (8:50-3:30), we ask that you do not bring younger siblings along.
  • Refrain from making personal calls or texting while at the school volunteering.
  • It’s okay to say no. If you can’t volunteer, have a scheduling conflict or simply don't want to, let us know and we’ll find someone who can.
  • Our volunteers are important and we want you to be happy! If you ever have any concerns with your current volunteer placement, please contact


















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