Dear Otters!

Einstein PTSA is excited for the opportunity to hold an extraordinary event that will benefit not only our students, but the entire community. We are planning a school "Fun Run" on May10th, an event full of energy and fun that will promote physical activity, companionship, and most important, raise funds to support our educational initiatives!

To make this event a resounding success, we need your help. We are looking for committed and passionate volunteers who are willing to take on various responsibilities before, during, and after the Fun Run. Would you like to be part of this exciting project? We count with templates from past years, so you don't have to plan from scratch.

Here are a few ways you can contribute:

Find Sponsors:
Organize strategies to raise funds before the event and work with potential local sponsors or donor companies who can donate funds, t-shirts, or other materials for the event. Define what will be the recognitions and prizes for the winners in the two segments of the races and for the classrooms that raise the most money for the school.

Clothing Manager:
Help us find a new design for our Otter T-shirt! Coordinate the process of taking measurements, distributing t-shirts, and making sure that children and staff receive the appropriate garments and that the design meets the requirements set forth by Einstein. Coordinate with suppliers and ensure that the production and delivery process go smoothly.

Organize the playlist for the race, plan where you are going to place the speakers so that they are synchronized around the school!

Registration & Logistics:
Coordinate all the volunteers! Organize the leaders of each station and plan each of their tasks on the event day, check the status of each volunteer, manage the logistics for the Fun Run.

Promotion & Marketing:
Use your creative skills to promote the event on social media and website, flyers, posters, design the envelope that the kids will use to fundraise, send articles through the Ottermail, plan the presentation during the Assembly in May, and make a video to explain to new students what the Fun Run is all about and motivate them even more to participate.

Hydration Coordinator:
Plan for the Otterpops, coolers, big water jugs, cups, extra gallons of water. Decide how we are going to mark the students' t-shirts that have received their Otter Pop, set up the water tables, set up recycle near volunteer table for water bottles, and do compost for the cups.

Finance Coordinator:
Create an XSL file! Be responsible for overseeing and managing all financial transactions related to the event, including fundraising, registrations, and any other income or expenses associated with the event. It is critical to have transparent and accurate fund management to ensure the event's success and financial integrity.

First Aid Coordinator:
This person is responsible for coordinating and ensuring that first aid services are available at the event to respond quickly to any medical emergencies that may arise during the race.

If you feel the excitement of being a part of this unique event and would like to contribute your time and skills, please let us know! Planning is already underway, and your participation will make all the difference. IF WE DON’T GET ENOUGH PEOPLE TO FILL THESE ROLES, WE CAN’T HAVE THE FUN RUN (Which will impact tremendously PTSA programs next year).

To join our team of volunteers, simply send an email to We look forward to counting on you on this exciting adventure to make our "Fun Run" unforgettable!

Thank you for being a part of this dedicated and passionate community!


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