Einstein Math Club

For 2022-23 we are starting a math club for kids in 4th and 5th grade who are interested in math competitions. We will be competing in two competitions this year. Details for each of them and signup instructions are included in the links below.

1) Math Olympiad

MOEMS® provides monthly problem-solving contests for 4th and 5th grade students. The competition runs from November – March with 5 monthly tests taken online over the weekends. We will be enrolling students on a first come-first serve basis with a maximum of 35 seats.

  •  We will provide five monthly online contests. Dates for the online contests are
    • December 9th, 5 pm
    • January 6th, 5 pm
    • February 3rd, 5 pm
    • February 24th, 5 pm
    • March 17th, 5 pm
  • Each contest is 45 minutes long. 15 minutes for setup and instructions and 30 minutes for the actual test. 5 questions are solved in every test.
  • Contests will be held online through a Microsoft teams meeting and google forms. Children will need access to a laptop and internet access. 
  • Once signed up, we will provide problems and detailed solutions from the previous two years for children to practice. 
  • What do students win?
    • Certificates for all students
    • One Highest Individual Scorer trophy
    • Award patches for about 50% of all top participating students
    • Silver pins for top 10% and gold pins for the top 2% of scores
    • Gold pins for the top 2% of all scores
    • George Lenchner Medallion for a perfect score
  • Sign up is now closed
  • More information about Math Olympiad can be found at https://moems.org/
  • Scholarships: Available to those in need. To apply, please contact mathclub@einsteintpsa.org

2) Math is cool

Math is cool is an in-person team competition for 4th and 5th grade with different types of competitions occurring through the day. More details for the competition can be found at the Math is cool website.

  • Teams of 3-4 students compete. Please send an email to mathclub@einsteinptsa.org with the name of the students who will be in your team. Encourage your student to find team members within their class. Each team is limited to having students from the same grade and will have one parent lead who we will communicate with. 
  • If your child needs help with forming a team, please email us with their name and grade and we will try to find matches. 
  • As the parent lead you will be responsible for paying the registration fee of $50 per team. Directions for fee payment will be provided once we receive the details of the team. 
  • Success Funds are available for this program.  Cost should not be a barrier to participating.  Email Mr. Ren at bren@lwsd.org for more information. 
  • To apply, please contact mathclub@einsteintpsa.org
  • The competition details are as follows:
    • 4th Grade Math is Cool Contest
      Saturday, March 25, 2023, 9.15 am to 2 p.m

      Liberty High School (map)
      16655 SE 136th St
      Renton, WA 98059

    • 5th Grade Math is Cool Contest
      Friday, March 3, 2023, 3.30 pm to 8 pm

      Liberty High School (map)
      16655 SE 136th St
      Renton, WA 98059

  • Format of the test is as described below. More details can we found on the test website.
    • Mental math - 30 seconds/question, 8 problems
    • Individual tests - 35 minutes, 40 problems
    • Team multiple choice - 15 minutes, 10 problems
    • Team test - 15 minutes, 10 problems
    • Team bowl - 15 minutes, 10 problems
    • College bowl - Final team competition rounds
  • Math club will host a session for all the teams explaining rules, format and providing guidance on resources to be used for preparation. Date for the session will be announced in January.
  • Sign up is now closed

    Email mathclub@einsteinptsa.org with any questions.  


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