Thank You 2020-21 Participants!

Congratulations to the following Reflections entries from our school that received a special recognition: 
1) Aarvin Roshin - Outstanding Interpretation for intermediate music.
2) Advait Krishnan - Award of Excellence for intermediate literature.
3) Iker Trigo-Valdes - Award of Merit for primary literature.

First two entries will be moving forward to the State Level of the Reflections Competition!

Thanks to all who participated and for all the hard work! Our talented students created many works inspired by this year's theme, "I Matter Because...". Below are the entries we received for this school year. The judging of all entries has completed and those selected for the council level will receive a notification email from

We are so happy to see so many Reflection entries during these unprecedented times. Every child will receive a ribbon for participation.

Category   Student Name   Title Art Work
Literature Kirill Kadach Look up Look Up
Literature Advait Badrish The Butterfly Effect The Butterfly Effect
Literature Advait Krishnan Why I matter Why I matter
Literature Nidhi Karnati I matter I matter
Literature Iker Trigo-Valdes I matter because I Matter Because
Literature Sharvani Mishra The Game The Game
Literature Raghav Kaarthik I Matter Because I Matter Because
Visual Arts Anya Guhan Messenger of Happiness  Messenger of Happiness
Visual Arts Lydia Liu Pets pets pets Pets Pets Pets
Visual Arts Madelyn Akhter Kindness Matters Kindness Matters
Visual Arts Mikayla Akhter I Matter Because I Matter Because
Visual Arts Riddhi Tikoo World that matters World That Matters
Visual Arts Erin Beirne The Way I Matter The Way I Matter
Visual Arts Arushi Prashil Dot Dot
Music Composition Aarvin Roshin Persistence Persistance
Photography Arushi Prashil Speck Speck
Photography Richelle Li Nature’s Heart Nature's Heart

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