WELCOME! Student Activities are a way for students to explore their curiosities or practice new skills. At this time, due to COVID we are asked to hold off on making plans for before- and after-school enrichment programs until we can work further with LWSD. We will notify our Einstein families as soon as we have any updates.

If you are interested in signing your child up for a class, you may reach out to our vendors directly.  Below are a sample of the vendors who have provided classes at Einstein Elementary in the past:

  • Archimedes School of Creative Thinking: Archimedes School offers extracurricular programs in mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, and engineering for elementary, middle, and high school students. These classes are designed to provide training in problem solving and logical reasoning for young minds.  Students will be exposed to the pure beauty of mathematical and computational thinking, its creativity, and real life application.
  • Bach to Rock: Bach to Rock Redmond offers both IN-PERSON and ON-LINE music activities. For in-person, we implement social distancing and require masks.
    • 1:1 Lessons in Piano, Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Ukulele, Strings, Brass and Woodwinds both in-person and on-line.
    • Small and safe in-person groups for Guitar 101, Ukulele 101, and on-line options for these and other instruments. 
    • Small and safe in-person Ensembles. Missing school orchestra or band this semester? B2R Ensemble groups of 5 or less will keep your student engaged with his/her woodwind, brass or stringed instrument, and expand their musicianship, without the early morning start!
    • Small and safe in-person Rock Band for those that play Guitar, Piano, Drums or Vocals and want to be in a Rock Band.
    • All in-person groups have a 3-5 student maximum, keeping your student social distanced and engaged
  • Coding with Kids: Coding with Kids is on a mission to bring the highest quality coding education to children no matter where they are on the planet. Every child deserves an opportunity to learn this fun and lucrative skill that gives access to quality employment without having to migrate. Coding with Kids unleashes the creativity and capacity that is lying latent within children in communities around the world, who will create the next great solutions from which we will all benefit.
  • Creative Art Network: Online art classes for kids! These online and on-site classes are a mixture of original education videos, live teaching demos, students teaching students, and sharing.  Classes include Comic Book Creation, 3D Drawing, and Sci-Fi Art.
  • Grasshopper Enrichment: Empower your kids with public speaking, creative writing, and chess learning at home!
  • KuriousMinds is happy to offer its award-winning Young Sharks, a junior entrepreneurship program, to students in grades 3-5. Students will learn the fundamental skills of starting a business, including ideation, validation through research, business planning, and launch in a fun and engaging way. Our fall virtual classes will begin the week of September 14 and end 10 weeks thereafter. Each class will be taught by our incredible entrepreneurs. For more information, check us out at Facebook Page or contact us
  • MadScience: This fall we are offering our Crazy Chemworks after-school program. An hour- long, 8-week class which will allow kids to explore solids, liquids and gases at the atomic level. Using common household items along with our pre-packaged specialty items delivered to your home, kids will be able to perform their own follow-along experiments and hands-on activities. And at the end of each class, we provide children with additional at-home activities that keep the classes fresh and fun... Like a polymer scavenger hunt! 
  • Snapology: Reach and exceed your students' academic achievement goals this year through Snapology's top S.T.E.A.M. programs! We have small scale in-person and virtual educational enrichment options to choose from. Whether your students are embarking on virtual learning, in-school or hybrid experiences, Snapology has the perfect solution for you. 
  • Sponge School: Learning a language is not just learning grammar and vocabulary…It is learning a new culture! Sponge classes are designed to instill a love of language and culture. Our native-speaker teachers use the immersion approach, with lots of movement, games, music, and gestures that allow everyone to join in the fun. And, we stay in the target language to optimize our learning. Choose from the following languages as we embark on our Fall journey: Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, or French. This upcoming school year, we’ll head out virtually to play sports after school, go to the grocery store to buy everything we need to make a soup, learn about our houses and finally have some fun at the beach. In each of these Sponge units, the language learned is reinforced through a fun story, activity book and more.

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