If you have an agenda item you'd like to be discussed at any meeting, please contact the PTSA President


PTSA Membership Meetings

Membership meetings are your prime opportunity to plug into what's going on at Einstein, with the PTSA, and socialize with other parents, teachers, and staff.  Agendas include Principal report, VP reports, budget updates and current plans for the PTSA. 

Meeting Day Time Location
Thursday, October 3 7:00 PM Einstein Gym
Thursday, January 16 6:00 PM Einstein Gym
Thursday, May 14 7:00 PM Einstein Gym


PTSA Board Meetings

Board meetings are held monthly for the voting Board members (Executive Board and VPs) to review current business and manage the needs of the PTSA -- project reviews, budget tracking and management, communications planning, etc.

Meeting Day Time Location
Wednesday, August 28 10:00 AM Portable
Friday, September 20 9:30 AM Portable
Wednesday, October 23 9:30 AM Portable
Wednesday, November 20 7:00 PM TBD
Monday, December 16 9:30 AM Portable
Wednesday, January 15 9:30 AM Portable
Thursday, February 27 7:00 PM TBD
Wednesday, March 18 9:30 AM Portable
Friday, April 24 9:30 AM Portable
Wednesday, May 13 9:30 AM Portable
Wednesday, June 10 7:30 PM TBD



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