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6th Annual Einstein Otters Fun Run

On May 10th, all Einstein students will be encouraged to participate by running or walking laps around the school grounds, rain or shine. Prior to the run, students will be asked to get family, friends and neighbors to sponsor their participation in the fun.

The Otters Fun Run gives the students and staff the chance to take part in a school wide fundraiser and get fit while doing it. Families will be welcome to run with their kids or cheer them on! (Previous LWSD volunteer approved).


Event Schedule 

• April 26th - Fun Run Assembly for Students
• April 26th-May 3rd - We will be sending the Donation Envelopes home.
• May 10th - Event Day! 


How It Works

Read about how the Otters Fun Run works and what you can do as a student!




1. Ask for flat donations from family members, friends, neighbors and employers. Use this script!

2. Record contributors' information and donation amount on the front cover of the Fun Run envelope.

3. Collect donations by:
• Cash (no coins)
• Checks to "Einstein PTSA"
• Online Donation

Extra Donation Form  |  Extra Receipts

4. Return envelopes by May 15 to your teacher or the Einstein front office.

5. Participate in the Fun Run!

• Raise $20,000 and have fun!

• Promote physical fitness!

• Build school spirit and foster school pride!

• Create a successful Fundraiser that can be used year and after year to help fund the financial grants, school events, student programs and other contributions that the PTSA supports.

All student participants get a Fun Run T-shirt and Otter Pop!

Class Prizes: Ice Cream Party!

  • K-2 class that completes the most laps per student.
  • 3-5 class that completes the most laps per student.

Fun Run Medal to the class that has the most fundraising participation.

Gift certificate drawing for teachers with at least 50% class fundraising participation.




We would like to thank our generous 2023-2024 Otters Fun Run sponsors.

They provided the momentum to get us off to a running start with this fundraiser! 


Gold Level Sponsors: 




Silver Level Sponsors:





Bronze Level Sponsors

Cotsco Wholesale - Redmond

Kitanda Espresso & Acai - Kirkland

All the Best Pet Care - Redmond



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