1. Why are we asking for donations for the Fun Run?

Many other schools in the district raise funds using fun runs and have been very successful. We hope to raise $20,000. Every dollar family, friends and neighbors donate to sponsor students will go directly to the educational experience at Einstein. Their donations will help pay for the Art Docent program, teacher grants, online curriculum, classroom supplies and many other PTSA-sponsored programs. Learn more about what your funds support!

2. What is the goal? How much should I give?

This year our goal is $20,000. If all students raise $50, then we would exceed our goal. Some families will be able to give more and some families less, but we appreciate any amount. Whatever the amount, every dollar adds up and gets us closer to reaching our goal!

3. How does my student collect donations?

Students will request donations from family, friends and neighbors - anyone who wants to help support our school - to sponsor their participation in the Fun Run. Each donor will be asked to donate up front, not a rate per lap after the event. Students can use this script to help ask in person, by email or phone. Parents may ask co-workers and friends, too, if they wish.

4. When collecting donations, what payment method is preferred?

Cash, checks and online payments are all welcome! If collecting cash, no coins please. Checks should make payable to "Einstein PTSA". Please remember to record on the Fun Run envelope whether the donation is collected as cash, check, online through the PTSA website or online through a company website.

5. Can my out of town family donate online?

Yes! Anyone can donate online. Please also remember to record it as an "online" donation on the Fun Run envelope.


6. Are Fun Run donations tax deductible?

All Fun Run contributions are tax deductible. A 2023 Fun Run Donation tax receipt will be included in the donation envelope students bring home. If you are donating online through the PTSA website, a receipt will be emailed to you.

7. Can my student participate in the Fun Run if they can't get any donations?

Yes! All students will be encouraged to participate. Every student in the Fun Run gets a T-shirt and an Otter Pop.

8. What are the prizes? How can my kids win them?

Students are encouraged to reach as many laps as they can, the more they run, the greater chance that their class wins the prize, this 23-24 year, the winners will have an ice cream Party, also, they will get a medal sponsored by Mathnasium.

9. What should my student wear and bring the day of the Fun Run?

Students will be provided a Fun Run T-shirt. In addition, students should wear comfortable clothes and sturdy shoes suitable for running or walking. The Otter Fun Run will take place RAIN or SHINE, so dress for the weather. Water will be provided on the field and there will also be a first aid station.

10. Can families join and run for fun?

Absolutely! Please invite your family to come along for fun as this is a family event. Due to limited parking at the school, we encourage families to carpool or walk to school for the event. Remember, they need to be previously approved by the LWSD.

PLEASE go to this link (if you have not done so already) to apply for you volunteer background check. It is quick, easy, and good for two years. Please note that you will not be able to volunteer at school until it has been approved. If you are unsure of your LWSD volunteer status, you can log into the Raptor Volunteer Portal to verify.  If you have any questions, please reach out to: volunteers@einsteinptsa.org 

11. If the Fun Run is from 1:30pm-2:50PM, will students be released earlier that day?

No, students will be released at the regular dismissal time of 3:50PM. After the Fun Run, Otter Pops will be given out and students will get to celebrate their hard work. They can also take pictures with their friends, family and the school mascot, who will also be there to cheer everyone on! Students will then return to their classrooms to gather their belongings for release at 3:50PM.

12. This sounds like fun, can I help?

Yes! If you are a parent or a guardian, please help your child understand how raising money helps their school. Assist them in collecting donations too. If you want to volunteer, the Fun Run is a terrific event to get involved with. Please email our VP Fundraising Patricia Hoyos at fundraising@einsteinptsa.org and she will find something for you to do!



1. I might be interested in being a sponsor. Where would my company's logo be featured?

Thank you for your interest! There are various levels of sponsorship and in return, your business logo will be placed on the T-shirts, PTSA website and PTSA Facebook and newsletter. View the chart below.  Please email our VP Fundraising Patricia Hoyos at fundraising@einsteinptsa.org for more information.


2. What is the minimum amount I need to donate in order to be featured on your website or t-shirts?

$500 for t-shirts and $250 for website. If you aren't able to commit to that much, please consider donating a smaller amount $100. Your logo won't be featured on the t-shirts, but your company name in text will be featured on our online promotions. Please contact our VP Fundraising Patricia Hoyos at fundraising@einsteinptsa.org, if you are interested in donating something.


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